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Privacy - It's Your Business

Privacy - It's Your Business

A major concern for nearly everyone is their privacy.  Be it our personal details on the internet, someone seeing us in the shower, or our medical records, there's certain information we want know only to the select few we choose.

How do we apply this principle in business, and making sure that as business owners we're abiding by the law?  And not only the law, but ethically also?

In broad terms the Privacy Laws apply to government agencies, businesses which have more than $3 million turnover, those which provide health services and those who business is providing personal information.

Whilst many business we deal with at Clifton's don't fall into this category, it's still wise to be aware of privacy considerations.  Data is certainly a main area where breaches can occur. And just because your data in on a server in your office don't be fooled into thinking it's any safer than stored on a cloud server.

Here's 5 tips from Aspect Legal (www.aspectlegal.com.au);

  1. Start today with an audit of your personal information handling practices by asking: who is collecting personal information; why; how do you secure it; who do you disclose it to, and do you still need the personal information?
  2. Train your staff and contractors in your information handling practices. A well-written privacy policy and collection statement is not worth much if they are not implemented in practice.
  3. Assess your data storage and security systems, as firewalls and password protection will not always be enough. Simple things, such as whether you have the latest version of software updates, can be critical.  Need help? Contact RubraTec for an assessment (www.rubratec.com.au).
  4. Don’t collect personal information that is unnecessary for your business or “just in case” it becomes necessary.
  5. Review your supplier contracts, including security and cloud computing agreements. Is it clear which party is responsible for monitoring security and dealing with security breaches? Do you have rights under your agreements to ensure your contractors are meeting their privacy obligations?

Don't leave the privacy of your clients and customers details to chance.

After all, you wouldn't shower with the windows wide open and a neon "Look Here" sign would you?

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