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Stress Change

Stress Change

Lately there's been a fair bit of stress in my life; enough to potentially drag me down and bury me underneath it.

But it's not been of my doing, and this morning listening to a podcast by Barbell Shrugged (who's have thought, huh??) on diet and nutrition, I realised why I've been able to work through it.

In the podcast (http://daily.barbellshrugged.com/episode-249/) Stephanie Gaudreau talks about how people get stressed when those around them aren't doing or achieving the goals that the person thinks they can or should.  And this becomes a constant source of frustration.

Every time you engage with the "underachiever" it nags and takes focus from the important things in the relationship.

So what can you do to reduce the stress?  Here's 3 things;

  • Change what you expect from the person, so that they can "measure up" to what you expect
  • Reduce the level or frequency of engagement with the person
  • Realise that the situation is completely out of your control, and the best thing you can do is be supportive

Whilst this is about my personal life, business stress can be paralyzing too.  But it doesn't need to be. Sometimes you just need an "outsider" to talk it through with and get some perspective. Come talk to us. Contact Clifton Accountants now.

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