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Staff can make or break a business.

And how the business owner see them, as an asset or a liability, goes a long way to the make or break.

In this short video Brian and Kurt talk about staff and the challenges that come with managing them, what impact they can have on your business and the importance of having not only the right people but having them doing the right things.

Many a business owner bemoans their staff. Things like, they don't work hard enough; they just rtun up and take my money; they don't take enough care.  Many even go so far as to wish they didn't have them.

The reality is that having staff creates leverage. More can be done to develop the business whilst a team member does the face to face.  But you've got to trust them and give them the support and encouragement necessary. You've got to think of them as an asset.

It's like the builder who's not only on the tools, doing the quoting, talking to suppliers ordering, ensuring owners are happy but also being the one that cleans up and does all the "lowly" jobs too.  He brings on an apprentice to do some of the hard yards and the clean up, suddenly he's not only making some margin on the apprentice's wage but getting more time to quote and follow up.  Win / Win!

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