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A business partnership is like a marriage; communication is the key ingredient.

But what happens when that communication breaks down?

What do you rely on then?

In this short video Brian and Kurt discuss the importance of a well thought out, properly structured partnership / shareholder agreement that becomes the document to deal with serious issues that may arise in business.

It can help save marriages, money and friendships.

Our experience tells us that business relationships don't always go smoothly.  They always start out with the best intentions and desires, where it's all "happy families".  Unfortunately this state doesn't necessarily continue.  Or it can be that a partner simply wants to move on and do something else after a time.

A partnership agreement (also known as a shareholder agreement) is vital to deal with what happens in disputes, how the business relationship can be unwound without the detrimental affect to the business itself, or simply what valuation method is to be applied when a partner wants out.

We believe the partnership agreement is money well spent to protect everyone.  It can save significant cost, both dollars and emotionally, going through a legal process. 

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